Assalamualaikum & hye kepada bakal pengantin yang sudi singgah di blog Salju Creative ini..
Kami ingin berkongsi dengan kalian bagaimana cara untuk menyediakan kad kahwin buatan sendiri, yang cantik, unik dan murah. Jika anda menginginkan sesuatu yang lain dari yang lain untuk jemputan perkahwinan anda, kad dari rekaan anda sendiri boleh terhasil dengan mengikuti langkah-langkah seperti di bawah;

1. Membeli beberapa aksesori kad jemputan perkahwinan;
a. Kertas
b. Sampul Surat
c. Kad RSVP
d. Aksesori Tambahan (Reben, Button, Kain felt dll)

2. Gunakan Adobe Photoshop / Illustrator / Power Point untuk rekabentuk corak, tulisan dan pelan pada kad. Sebelum itu, anda perlu membuat keputusan mengenai saiz kad kahwin yang anda ingin hasilkan, samada saiz B5, A4 lipat 3, A4 potong 3, dan lain-lain.

3. Print 
Pastikan anda print menggunakan laser jet printer untuk memastikan dakwat pada kad adalah betul-betul berkualiti. Tapi, kalau xde laser jet pon xpe, pakai je la printer ape yang ada, cuma ia akan luntur bila terkena air atau benda-benda yang basah.. Tapi, untuk lebih jimat, design kad xperlu la menggunakan banyak warna, kerana, aksesori tambahan pada kad akan memainkan tona warna kad jemputan perkahwinan anda.

4. Hias
Design hiasan pada kad jemputan boleh la buat google search sendiri untuk dapatkan design yang mengikut cita rasa anda. Jenguk-jenguk la dekat website craft.. Mungkin ada design yang berkenan, so boleh la tampal menampal dan hias menghias kad jemputan kahwin kalian.. Design kad kahwin sendiri ni akan mencerminkan keperibadian diri anda..

Sekian sahaja perkongsian mengenai cara menghasilkan sendiri kad jemputan yang murah, cantik dan unik!!! =)

The wedding reception venue sets the mood for your wedding reception.  Many weddings are held in restaurants, outdoor park, banquet facility and hotels but many couples are looking for unique ideas that are out of the norm.
Have you ever considered chartering a boat?  You can do an early lunch with a cruise and casual dining and dress or opt for a more formal affair in the evening with a lavish meal and dancing.  It is a very cool idea but there are some pro’s and con’s that you need to consider.
This can be an expensive option but certainly different.  You can choose from a luxury liner, yacht, paddle steamer or floating restaurant to name a few.  Each offers a different type of feel and atmosphere and it depends what you are looking for and the size of your reception. 
If you have ever cruised before you know that most boats are beautiful and the restaurants are decorated very elegantly.  If you are lucky to rent an exquisite boat then your decor costs may not be as high.  You can use their existing chairs and linens and just provide a nice centerpiece.  Being on a ship is an all inclusive package with alcohol, food and of course your boat fee’s, so when you book you know exactly what you are paying for person.  The scenery and ambiance will not go unnoticed and you would not get this in a regular banquet hall.
The boat you choose may also be licensed for a civil ceremony so how perfect would it be to do both in the same location.  This all sounds lovely doesn’t it but there are a few things that may be bothersome to your guests.
What happens if a guest does not want to stay for the entire evening.  Unfortunately, they just cannot leave until the boat docks.   What if someone gets seasick or you hit a patchy rough wave?  I guess if the invitation notes that the wedding is on a boat then the guest will have to make the decision of a yes or no RSVP but could this reason alone affect your guests decision from attending?
After weighing out all the pro’s and cons you are the only one that can make the choice if this is right for you!  It certainly is a neat concept and if your dream was to be married on a boat then this is much more economical way than doing a destination wedding on a large Cruise Ship liner like Carnival or Royal Caribbean and paying for your guests.
Bon Voyage!

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